4 Times It’s Okay to Use Software for Data Recovery (& When to Hire a Pro)

So your computer went down, and you lost all your data in the process. Now you’re trying to get it back, but you’re not sure whether to hire a professional or download data recovery software to do it. Making the right decision in these instances can have a significant impact on the safety and recoverability of your data.

Data Recovery in Fort Worth: The Difference Between Software and Professional Help

There’s a big difference between purchasing data recovery software and hiring a data recovery expert to help reclaim lost information. That doesn’t mean, however, that the latter is always a bad idea. It’s just a matter of knowing when software is applicable and when it’s not.

Today, there’s a plethora of free and paid data recovery tools on the web, all of which can be used for data recovery in Fort Worth. These programs allow users to recover deleted files, restore files destroyed by corruption or formatting issues, and reclaim those lost to viruses, software failures, and sporadic system shutdowns.

These systems do have their limitations, though. While data recovery software can locate lost or deleted files hiding in unused hard drive space, it can’t “fix” a broken hard drive. What’s more, using data recovery software improperly can result in the loss of more data or create permanent data loss.

This is especially true if you use data recovery software on a hard drive that’s physically damaged. In these instances, you’re virtually guaranteed to lose all your sensitive data. In some cases, this approach can even cause a mechanical failure, which you’ll need to hire a professional to address.

4 Times It’s Okay to Use Data Recovery Software

While data recovery software presents some risks, it’s not all bad. Here are a few select times it’s acceptable to use it:

1. When the Data You Lost Isn’t That Valuable

If the data you lost consists of old pictures and a few sentimental emails that it would be nice to have, but that aren’t critical, it’s fine to try your hand with data recovery software.

If you lost valuable, pivotal, or irreplaceable data, though, you’re going to want to hire a specialist for data recovery in Fort Worth. Because of the risk associated with running a data recovery program, hiring a professional for more precious information is wise.

2. When Your Hard Drive Hasn’t Been Physically Damaged

Hard drives that have no physical damage will respond to data recovery software. If your hard drive has been damaged or dropped, or if it’s making a buzzing, clicking, or whirring sound, even the best data recovery software won’t help and may make the situation worse.

3. If you Have a Duplicate Copy of the Data on Your Disk Drive

When you delete something from your recycle bin, a copy of the data lives on in the deeper layers of your drive. Because of this, data you’ve manually deleted can easily be recovered by data recovery software. Overwritten data, however, will require the attention of a certified data recovery specialist.

4. When You’re Sure Your Hard Drive Isn’t Failing

If you run data recovery software on a hard drive that’s failing, it will only make it fail faster. As your drive spins and tries to read bad sectors, areas get worse.  This eventually causes a complete crash or breakdown. If you have any doubt that your hard drive is in perfect working order, hire a data recovery specialist, instead.

Smart Data Recovery Decisions Made Simple

Nobody wants to grapple with lost data. Unfortunately, it’s a common reality. Today, more than 140,000 hard drives crash in the U.S. each week, and when they do, people lose data. Even if your hard drive hasn’t crashed, it’s easy to lose information to viruses, overwriting, or a simple manual error.

While turning to data recovery software is tempting, it’s not always the right decision. Although it may be convenient, recovery software has its limitations, and using it in the wrong settings can make your data loss issue worse rather than better. With this in mind, evaluate your data loss circumstances objectively and hire a qualified specialist for data recovery in Fort Worth whenever you have any doubts about how appropriate software might be.

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