Clicking Noise from Hard Drive: All You Need to Know

The hard drive of a computer may make clicking noise due to several reasons. In all cases, however, it is an indication that your hard drive is having trouble reading data. While the noise may not be much of a disturbing factor to your ears, it can be foreshadowing potential data loss. Unless you are an expert and have the right knowledge on data recovery and hard drives, taking the issue to a professional computer repair expert is always a wise choice. Nevertheless, let’s understand the issues related to clicking noise and the steps you need to take.

Why Does a Hard Drive Click?
To understand what reasons may cause a hard drive to make a clicking sound, it is essential to first understand how a read/write head functions inside a hard drive. As the name goes, the read/write head reads and writes data on the hard drive’s magnetic disks. By hovering over the drive platters, it presents information from a particular file on the computer screen when you click it, and stores data on the drive sectors when you download or copy something.
Any debris, scratch on the platter, motor issue, or stuck bearings in the disk may cause the hard drive to click. The noise, however, may also be the result of a head crash. If such is the case, unless you have the right tools and expertise, you need the help of a hard drive repair professional. Damaged or out-of-alignment read/write head, during its to-and-fro movement to regain its location, may damage the disk platters, and destroy your data forever.

Precautions to Take
While you may be tempted to fix the ‘clicking hard drive noise’ issue on your own, it is important to remember that the components of a hard drive constitute numerous minute and highly vulnerable parts. Therefore, resolving any hard disk related issue requires both precision and an enclosed dust-free environments. To ensure that your actions do not create more harm than good, avoid going the DIY way and seek the help of a computer repair professional.

Replacing the Control Board
Contrary to common notion, replacing a short-circuited control board may or may not bring it back to life. The reason behind that is, despite the fact that most control boards look identical, compatibility issues are more common than what most presume. Choosing a wrong control board may turn the data recovery process more complicated and time intensive. In certain cases, it may even make data recovery almost impossible.

Removing the Cover
Even data professionals rarely take the cover off of a hard drive, and when they do so, they do it inside a Class 100 Clean room. These rooms maintain a specific environment that allows minimal airborne particles and have precisely controlled temperature and humidity levels. Opening the hard drive in an otherwise unfiltered environment contaminates it and makes data recovery a loss-loss process, even for a professional.

While an issue such as a clicking noise from hard drive may not seem to be a major concern, more often than not, it indicates a looming issue. Not addressing the problem on time may only worsen the situation and result in the loss of your data, thereby adding the cost of data recovery with the price you will pay for a replacement drive. The ideal solution is to get any hard drive related issue checked, including a clicking hard drive noise, immediately from your nearest computer repair shop. If you are looking for a computer repair expert in Fort Worth, call 817-915-0111.

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