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What to Do If You Get Your Cell Phone Wet

by | Jan 27, 2020 | Articles, Hardware Support, IT Support, Tips and Advice

Typically, we go out of our way to make sure our cell phones are kept safe. For most of us, our cell phones hold important information and contacts that help our world keep turning! But no matter how careful we are, accidents happen. Sometimes, water and other spills happen. We are going to share some helpful tips on what to do if you accidently get your cell phone wet. Remember, if you are in the Southlake or Fort Worth area, you can always rely on Computer CPR to get your cell phone back in working order. We provide a full range of computer repairs, cell phone repairs, tech and IT support, and more! Call us today with any technology problem you’re experiencing on your Apple, Microsoft, or Google device.

Act Fast!

Imagine your cell phone falling into a sink. Maybe a cup of water has tipped over and spilled onto it, or worst of all, it has tumbled into a toilet. Your initial reaction will probably be to stare in disbelief, but do not let that stop you from saving your cell phone. Removing your cell phone from the water quickly can lessen the amount of harm done. If your phone is wet or submerged for too long, it could cause loss of information or even irreversible damage. Make sure to get it out of the water as quick as possible — unless it is plugged in to a charger, as that could be a safety hazard.

Air It Out

Once your cell phone bas been removed from the water, you now want to allow the phone to air out. Turn the cell phone off, remove the battery (if possible), remove the SIM card and take off all protective cases and covers. When all of this is done, take a clean towel and gently dry off the cell phone, as well as all of its removed attachments. You want to do all of this to make sure you can remove as much of the moisture as possible, salvaging any stored data and information on the phone and SIM card. This also keeps water trapped inside the case from further entering any openings in the cell phone.

Bring it to Computer CPR

After completing the above steps, we advise you to bring your cell phone to Computer CPR. We offer service 24/7 and have 13 years of experience and knowledge in all things tech and IT, including cell phone repair and support. We are happy to take a look at your device and diagnose the problem at our storefront center in Southlake, TX. Depending on the problem, we might even be able to repair it while you wait.

Computer CPR: Meeting All Your IT Needs in Southlake and Fort Worth

Protective screens and cases can only go so far when it comes to protecting our beloved cell phones. Unfortunately, no amount of precautions can stop accidents from happening. If your cell phone gets wet, remember to act fast, get it powered down, and dry it off. And if you are in the Fort Worth or Southlake area, feel free to bring it into Computer CPR.

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