6 Things Your Computer Repair Tech Wishes You Wouldn’t Do

Your computer repair techs: they’re the people you go to when you’re down and out – when your computer won’t work, and you don’t know why, or when the very existence of your files is at risk. Did you know, though, that you might be making them furious on accident?

While computer repair techs understand that not everyone spends all day working in the nitty-gritty of computers, there are a few simple things you can do to show them you respect their work and want to make it easier for them.

Here’s a breakdown:

6 Things to Stop Doing to Your Computer Repair Tech

Whether you’re a computer pro or an amateur user, stop doing these six things to become a better computer repair customer:

1. Assuming That Anything That Doesn’t Work Down the Line is Their Fault

Computer repair technicians are experienced professionals, and they’re typically able to resolve your issue without causing another one. With this in mind, don’t assume that the virus you get in three weeks from now is a result of the work your computer repair tech did last month.

More likely than not, they’re unrelated issues – especially if you’re working with an experienced Fort Worth or Keller computer repair company.

2. Rushing The Process

Computers are complex systems and, as you can imagine, resolving problems within them can take hours or days. With this in mind, be as patient as possible with your computer repairs.

Your techs work as quickly as they can to resolve problems, but things, like removing files from the hard drive or tracking down and exterminating a virus, can take time!

3. Blaming it on Someone Else

There’s a lot of embarrassment associated with computer issues. This is particularly the case with things like viruses and malware. People want to feel like it’s not their fault the computer is infected.

In your tech’s mind, however, it doesn’t matter who is responsible for the computer issue. All your computer repair tech wants to know is how the computer got the way it did. That way, they can offer you preventative steps to keep it from becoming compromised in the future.

The more information you can provide about the root of the issue, the better.

4. Expecting a Miracle

Computer repair techs are talented people, but that doesn’t mean they can make your 10-year-old computer run like it’s brand new. Technology, by definition, wears out over time and there comes a day when you need to invest in some new materials.

Instead of expecting your computer repair tech to work miracles on your outdated system, consider investing in a new computer that will suit your modern needs better.

5. Being Naive About Common Computer Issues

While your friendly computer repair tech doesn’t expect you to know everything about the inner workings of your Mac or PC, most hope that you’ll have a decent understanding of what to do and what not to do with your computer.

For example, they hope you’ll understand installing toolbars is a bad thing, and that clicking unknown attachments can result in viruses. The more familiar you are with all of these things, the easier you make your computer repair tech’s job.

6. Not Cleaning Your Computer at Home

If you asked a computer repair tech what one of the simplest things you could do to maintain your computer was, many would say “home cleaning.” Simple things, like using a can of compressed air to blow dust from your fan and wiping your keyboard down a few times every few weeks, can go a long way to keep your computer healthy and robust, and to prevent simple problems like overheating.

The Simple Guide to Better Computer Repair Interactions

Computer repair works best when customers and techs are on the right a page. By understanding and avoiding these six common frustrations, you can enjoy a  more streamlined computer repair interaction and help your tech do his or her job as quickly and comprehensively as possible.

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