Top 5 Data Recovery Tools: Revive Lost Data Now

The wave of digitization has influenced almost every aspect of our life. As a result, almost all data being produced in the world is now digital. Although this solves several problems, digital data can be vulnerable to a number of threats. The damage may be physical or logical; either way, data loss is painful. To help, here we have 5 effective solutions for easy data recovery.

Developed by Piriform, Recuva is a data recovery tool, specifically dedicated to Windows OS. The tool allows users to recover ‘permanently’ deleted files that are marked as ‘free space’ by the operating system. You can also use Recuva to recover deleted files from memory cards, USB drives and MP3 players.

This tool works well on both NTFS and FAT format drives and comes in a 3MB zip file that doesn’t require installation, which makes it easy to share and gives it an edge over other recovery tools that need installation.

Pandora Recovery
Pandora Recovery Utility ToolThe Pandora Recovery utility tool offers free recovery of data from secondary drives. This tool offers versatile options that allow you to recover most of the lost data without any hassle.

When a file is lost from NTFS or FAT32, it is not deleted from disk, but only from visible file system, and to restore such data, Pandora Recovery is an effective solutions.
The key feature of Pandora Recovery is that it allows users to preview deleted files before restoring them.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery
Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery ToolStellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery tool can be used to recover data from drives, DVDs and CDs, and e-mail messages from MS Outlook and Outlook Express. This utility tool comes with an advanced option to clone important drives that you don’t want to lose at any cost.
Stellar Phoenix also recovers corrupt files from optical media. This utility tool supports recovery of broad range of multimedia files and partition recovery from, Windows Vista, 8, 8.1.

MiniTool Data Recovery Free Edition
MiniTool Power Data Recovery Utility Tool MiniTool Power Data Recovery utility tool recovers data from damaged or lost digital media, partitions and CD/DVD. Unlike, other recovery utility tools that you see, MiniTool also gives you the option to buy a boot disk that helps you to efficiently recover data from malware infected and un-bootable damaged systems.

The USP of MiniTool recovery is that compared to other tools, it provides a quicker solution by recovering data from different partitions and raw files.

File Scavenger Data Recovery Utility
File Scavenger Data Recovery UtilityFile Scavenger Data Recovery Utility is one of the simplest solutions available for data recovery. This tool allows the user to choose the volume of data to be recover and select the location where to save the recovered file.
The edge of this tool is that it lets the user choose the destination for the recovered files manually and doesn’t automatically save the file in its previous volume.

While these different data recovery utility tools can help in most cases, if you find yourself in a situation with lost or missing sensitive data and you need professional help quick, call us at 817-915-0111 and we can help.

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