Top 3 Remote Support Tools for Desktop Maintenance

Thanks to remote computer repair support, you don’t have to haul your PC to a computer repair service provider located miles away for help. Ironically, despite easy availability of numerous computer repair remote support solutions, most free-to-download options either lack stability and security or have a tormenting lag in performance – which can discourage DIY techies when trying to troubleshooting problems. To help, this post discusses the top 3 remote computer support tools, selected after a thorough evaluation based on varied factors. Let’s begin.


  • Installing TeamViewer is quite simple. Simply download this remote tool without worrying about the technicalities of system configuration or administrator access.
  • The tool generates a session ID and password, through which you connect with the program in just one click.
  • Your computer system can receive preventive maintenance through TeamViewer remote tool, even if you are not logged in.
  • TeamViewer is probably the only reliable option for cross-platform maintenance. By using this remote tool, you can connect your Window PC or Mac to a Linux PC. The same connectivity is available for Android devices.

Windows Remote Assistance

  • Use Remote Desktop Server Software only with professional editions of Windows.
  • Every version of Windows can send remote assistance invitation to someone else and ask for their assistance.
  • Inbuilt tool in Windows, which means no need for additional download or installation.
  • Though an effective tool for Windows based computers, not always a reliable solution, especially when it comes to cross connect systems with Linux or Mac.

Chrome Remote Desktop

  • The biggest advantage of Chrome Remote Desktop tool is that the host tool – Google Chrome browser – is now available on most computers.
  • Download and install Chrome Remote Desktop application from the Google App Store.
  • Create a simple password through which you can access other systems and vice versa.
  • Chrome Remote Desktop functions of multiple platform such as Linux, Windows and Mac.

By using any of three free remote support tools, you can lend and share troubleshooting expertise. In addition, professional computer repair service providers also provide remote support services. If you are unable to fix your system by using free-remote-support tools, contact us today for a free consultation.

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