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Tips to Keep your Smartphone Lasting Longer than Ever

by | Dec 29, 2019 | Articles, Smart Phones

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Because of the length of an average cell phone contract (usually two years), many people change their cell phones every two years. However, if one of your resolutions for the new year is to better protect the environment, a good step is to keep your cell phone active for the entire life cycle. In 2015, surveys showed that on average a smartphone takes almost five years (to be exact 4.7), but we all know that batteries slow down, screens break, and accessories disappear. At Computer CPR, our team of talented electronic repair specialists has spent years helping people handle all kinds of hardware-related concerns.

To help people save money, and extend the life of their devices, we decided to spend some time going over some different ways that the overall life of a cell phone can be extended. By taking some easy steps to make your cell phone last longer, you can help reduce the burden on our environment, while also saving yourself money on new hardware year after year.

Keeping Your Device Clean Makes a Difference

While our cellphones still have buttons and internal hardware, there is a danger that they will get dirty, especially if they are in our purses or our pockets – not to mention our hands. For the surface, you can use a microfiber cloth and cotton to remove dirt that has accumulated. If necessary, a little isopropyl alcohol can help. However, be sure to keep it away from various connections that lead to internal work. If you want to monitor these parts, please contact our team right away because we can open your phone easily and make sure everything inside is clean and dry.

Take Good Care of Your Battery

Another challenge to keeping your cellphone alive for five years (a very long time when it comes to mobile devices!) Is the matter of battery life. All batteries in the device are designed for the life of several charging processes (between 300 and 500). This means that if you continue to charge the battery up to 100%, you can dramatically shorten the overall battery life. Even if you accidentally cut your battery life short, you can always replace it on the phone. If you feel uncomfortable handling this process, you can bring the phone to us for professional replacement services.

Remember to Care for Your Accessories

You can also keep your cellphone alive by keeping a close on the charging cable, headset, and even the bag. The older your phone, the harder it is to replace these things. If you lose the charging cable for a 3-year-old cellphone, you might not be able to replace it if the newer device has a different charging port. In that kind of situation, it will be time to say goodbye to a perfect phone. However, more hardware is available at good repair shops than on the Internet, so you can also contact us if you need replacement accessories to find out what we can do.

Protect Your Touch Screen Carefully

Of course, the most fragile part of any phone is the touchscreen. While you can replace broken screens, in many cases phone insurance companies simply exchange the whole phone for a replacement, which defeats the purpose of keeping your phone alive to avoid e-waste. We recommend always using a case to safeguard against those times when your phone seems more slippery than a bar of soap. We also recommend taking a broken screen to a qualified phone repair service (like ours!), as we may be able to help you replace it, instead of the whole device.

Ask Computer CPR in Southlake, TX for Advice!

If you’re hoping to extend the life of your phone, and you aren’t sure where to start, then your best option is to reach out to our team as soon as possible so we can give you the advice and support you need. At Computer CPR in Southlake, TX we’ve spent years working on a wide variety of computer hardware and software problems for our customers, and we know all the best ways to extend the life of your phone or keep it alive if it needs to be repaired.