Tips to Extend the Life of Your Computer

Fort Worth, TX – While computer technology is becoming less expensive all the time, we still don’t want to shell out our hard earned dollars often for a new computer. So are you taking all the steps necessary to avoid having to pay for computer repair or for a new machine altogether?

“We regularly change the oil in your car to keep it running properly,” says Michael Young, computer support expert and owner of Computer CPR. “You should also be performing regular maintenance on your computer to extend it’s life.”

So what should you be doing to extend the life of your computer?

Keep it clean.
Dust, dirt and other particles can build up in your computer over time. As it does, it can clog the inner workings of the computer. The dust basically works as insulation, making your computer heat up more than it otherwise would. This then puts more stress on the components of the computer. Consider a good cleaning every six to 12 months.

Let it air out.
Does your computer have room to breathe? If your machine doesn’t have adequate space to air out, it can overheat. Don’t close it in a cabinet or near a heater vent. Proper ventilation will ensure the cooling fan has access to enough air to cool it down.

Protect against a surge.
If you aren’t using a surge protecting powerstrip, this is an easy thing you can do to protect your computer. The components are sensitive to fluctuations in power, and in some cases, your computer could even be destroyed.

Protect against power loss.
Just as a power surge can damage your computer, a sudden loss of power can, too. Not only can it lead to a loss of unsaved documents, it can also cause drive and file corruption. An uninterruptible power supply is your answer. It is a surge protector that has a built in battery that will protect against a power outage.
Defragment your hard drive.
Sometimes, data on a computer’s hard drive can become fragmented, which means it spreads to different locations on your drive. This can make the drive slower while it searches for the data, thus making it work even harder. By defragmenting, you can reduce this extra work and extend the life of your computer.

If you need assistance with any of these, or if you think your computer needs the assistance of an expert. Computer CPR is always available for both residential and commercial customers.

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