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The Hidden Costs of Not Upgrading Your Computer

by | Dec 13, 2019 | Custom Built Computers, Hardware Support, Hardware Upgrades

When it comes to managing your business, having access to technology can make a world of difference. At the same time, there is an added distinction between the latest technology and a piece of hardware that’s been serving your office for the past decade or more. At Computer CPR in Southlake, TX our team has spent years working with businesses and individuals throughout the DFW Metroplex to help them handle a variety of troubles related to their systems including consulting for small businesses.

 Providing quality consulting services is about more than just taking care of your existing hardware. We also take the time to evaluate your systems and give you recommendations about anything that needs to be upgraded so you can have a clear idea of any areas of concern in your system, and the things that can be done to improve your situation (including upgrading to new hardware).

 For many businesses, upgrading your information technology hardware can seem like a huge investment of time and resources that have little to no visible return in the short term. The reality is though, that choosing NOT to upgrade can often lead to a variety of problems that will end up being even more expensive down the road. To help individuals and business owners in the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area get a better idea of why upgrading hardware regularly is important, we decided to spend some time going over a few of the hidden costs associated with it.

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A Safeguard Against Data Loss

When it comes to running your business smoothly, making sure your data is stored safely and protected from risk is extremely important. Losing your data due to problems with outdated hardware can create a variety of problems for your organization including reduced confidence from consumers to the amount of time and resources needed to recover from this kind of emergency as quickly as possible.

The best way to avoid dealing with extended costs that can come with an emergency recovery due to lost data is to make sure you maintain a regular upgrade schedule while taking additional measures to back up your data. Retaining the services of an experienced IT team is also a great way to protect your business from this type of scenario.

Reduced Productivity

As hardware ages, the speed at which it performs various functions can slow down as well. Having hardware that takes longer to work can stop your employees from doing their work, and over time, this will add up to snowballing costs in time spent, and general productivity. For example, an employee who spends no more than 10 minutes out of their day dealing with computer lag, boot times, slow app responses, and unexpected shutdowns will end up wasting about 40 hours per year on waiting.

Old Hardware Has Vulnerabilities

The longer a piece of hardware is available on the market, the more time various hacking groups will be able to spend learning about vulnerabilities and workarounds to take advantage of. The older your operating system or application is, the higher the chances will be of dealing with a virus or other computer infection. Making sure to upgrade your hardware and software regularly is the most effective step you can take to be sure that your business and your customers are not at risk of having to deal with unexpected attacks.

Work with the IT Professionals at Computer CPR in Southlake, TX

If you’re thinking about upgrading your hardware, then heading straight for the latest, newest device isn’t always your best solution. At Computer CPR in Southlake, TX our team has spent years working with people throughout the DFW Metroplex to help them make effective, informed decisions on how to tackle the challenge of having the best available hardware for their business or personal needs. To find out more about our services, or to schedule a consolation with our team, don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible!