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Why is My Computer So Slow?

Are you tired of a slow computer? Instead of hauling your computer to a PC repair store every time it seems to be running slowly, follow these steps from Michael Young, owner of Computer CPR.
Reboot your computer. It sounds too good to be true, but rebooting your computer can actually solve a lot of problems. If Windows is running slowly, rather than open task manager and try to determine what program is using too much space, simply reboot and Windows will start fresh.

Identity Thieves Stealing Multiple Numbers from People

As we put more and more of our information online, identity thieves have taken advantage. Consider the following numbers most often used in identity theft, as reported in a recent business article by ABC and originally written in Credit.com.

Phone Numbers-Listing your phone number on public websites may be necessary in certain cases. Some companies use the number to identify you, making it a prime target for identity thieves.

College Kids, Take Notice! Three Easy Ways to Maximize MacBooks in Time for School

A laptop is an essential tool for the busy college student. Sadly, all computers (even Macs) begin to slow the more they are put to use. With collegians prepping to return to school to tackle lengthy essays, presentations and research papers, Computer CPR’s computer service professionals are sharing four simple ways to ensure MacBooks last long after the end of the semester – no pricey upgrades or gadgets required.

Get updated. Those pop-ups announcing the latest available upgrades may seem like an annoyance, but Mac owners should take notice. Taking the time to implement new programs through Software Update will accelerate operating speeds and bolster the computer’s defense against viruses.

Four Simple Ways to Speed up Your PC

Few things are more infuriating than waiting 10 minutes for a PC to start-up. Or, being forced to sit idle as the page containing that information you need takes an absurd amount of time to load. The professional information technology consultants at Computer CPR understand the frustration and are eager to be of assistance. By simply following a few guidelines, PC owners can easily jolt their computers back to life and enjoy fast operating speeds once again.

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