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Protecting Your Computer from Hackers and Viruses

In the technology world, few things are more excruciating than getting a virus and computer crashes. Southlake network administration and computer repair company, Computer CPR, offers certified data recovery services. We also encourage our clients to be proactive and take steps toward stopping hackers. That’s why we are sharing six steps to avoid spyware and other bad codes.

Install a Firewall: A firewall will protect your computer from hackers who try to gain access to passwords and sensitive information. Some operating systems offer a firewall built into the computer, but individual software can be purchased for your computer.

Questions You Must Ask Before Purchasing a New Computer

Determining what sort of computer to purchase may not rank in importance with who to marry or what to name your child, but that doesn’t mean this decision isn’t a big one. Computers are quite the investment- so be sure to make a wise choice.

We at Computer CPR, a trusted provider of computer support and network administration in the Colleyville area, are offering some valuable advice to our customers. Prior to the big purchase, ask yourself and the sales associate a few key questions.

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