How much RAM is too much RAM?

RAM Breakdown RAM is a temporary information storage device in a desktop or a laptop. Whatever you do on your computer, it gets stored on the RAM and allows the machine to move data to-and-fro. For example, if you’re reading your email, the email is in the RAM...

Apple Support Experts Talk New Features of iOS7

Gone forever are the gradients and the traditional, bubbly Apple ringtone. The bright fluorescent hues and new features of iOS7 have changed the digital landscape of the iPhone, iPad and iTouch forever. The Fort Worth computer support professionals at Computer CPR discuss a few of the simplified features iOS7 supplies.

We understand that change can be a tough pill to swallow, especially since Apple’s features have, for the most part, remained stagnant since its introduction of iOS in 2007. But sometimes, change is a good thing. Here’s a few changes we think are big upgrades from iOS6.