How to Limit Damage if Your Credit Card Gets Stolen

Think about how many times you use your credit card online. Whether it’s for paying bills or making a purchase at your favorite retailer, there’s no question that your credit card info is out there. Most websites do an incredible job keeping their consumers safe from thieves. However, there’s always the possibility of getting that call from the bank explaining that they have frozen your card due to fraudulent activity. The problem may be solved, but not after the cyber criminal went on a shopping spree.

Cybercrime on the rise in U.S.

Following the 12th annual survey of cybercrime trends, officials announced some distressing news. Online attackers are outsmarting everyone. And they’re doing so at an alarming rate.

The survey, which polled 500 executives of U.S. businesses, law enforcement services and government agencies, acknowledged that 75 percent went through a security breach in the past year.

Experts believe that companies need to approach cybersecurity in a completely different way, suggesting more than just antivirus software.

Questions You Must Ask Before Purchasing a New Computer

Determining what sort of computer to purchase may not rank in importance with who to marry or what to name your child, but that doesn’t mean this decision isn’t a big one. Computers are quite the investment- so be sure to make a wise choice.

We at Computer CPR, a trusted provider of computer support and network administration in the Colleyville area, are offering some valuable advice to our customers. Prior to the big purchase, ask yourself and the sales associate a few key questions.