Ignoring Your Software Updates? Not a Good Idea

KELLER, TX-We’re all victims of it. We power on our tablets, smartphones and laptops with no intent of taking the time to download the latest update.

But then we see that little icon perched in the system tray, nagging us until we open it.

You may wonder, “Why do I have to do this now? I don’t have time to restart my computer just so a trivial update can download.”

Computers Are in Need of Spring Cleaning, Too.

This is the season for spring cleaning. While you’re sprucing up your house and reorganizing that garage, don’t forget about the computer in your life.

“Considering how often the average American uses their desktop computer or laptop and the costs involved with owning one, it’s a little surprising that most people neglect to keep it clean,” says Michael Young, a Colleyville computer repair expert and the owner of Computer CPR.