Secrets to Windows 8.1 Update 1, new apps, and Internet Explorer 11

There are a lot of changes to Windows and new applications, including some you might not know about. Here are some updates we’ve discovered.

Microsoft operating system head Terry Myerson says the Start menu is back at Windows. The Windows 8.1 Start menu is full of Live Tiles, along with the ability to find and install Microsoft’s universal Windows applications. The universal Windows apps scale across PCs, tablets, and phones, and the apps are able to run inside Windows on the traditional Windows desktop.

Computers Are in Need of Spring Cleaning, Too.

This is the season for spring cleaning. While you’re sprucing up your house and reorganizing that garage, don’t forget about the computer in your life.

“Considering how often the average American uses their desktop computer or laptop and the costs involved with owning one, it’s a little surprising that most people neglect to keep it clean,” says Michael Young, a Colleyville computer repair expert and the owner of Computer CPR.

Overworked & Overheated: The Dish on Drained Batteries

It’s one of life’s greatest mysteries – why do laptop batteries fizzle out so fast? We at Computer CPR understand the frustration associated with a fast dwindling battery, and would like to offer up some insight on the subject.

Don’t be deceived by the difference in appearance; Macs and PCs are powered by the same breed of battery.

“Lithium-based batteries are used for all sorts of configurations, and the guidelines to prolonging battery life are essentially the same for Macs and PCs,” says Michael Young, a computer repair expert in Colleyville and owner of Computer CPR.