Protect Company Data With the Best Cybersecurity Practices

No matter what industry you work in, you likely have proprietary information and internal communications you don’t want to be shared. If the information is shared, people may replicate your exclusive offerings, broadcast information without context that puts your company at risk, or completely shut down your operations. Don’t let hackers take over your business or ruin your reputation. Computer CPR can help your DFW business stay on the cutting edge of cybersecurity and thriving in the commercial space. Our team of tech specialists can keep your network secure and update you about FCC suggestions for business’ online security.

Security Software 

Safeguard your devices with state-of-the-art security software. Your security software should offer comprehensive coverage and reduce the risk of online threats. It will protect your servers, computers, and mobile devices from viruses, malware, and more!

Safe Web Browsing

One of the first things our IT managers will do is ensure all of your browsers are running on the most current operating system. Outdated browsers open up vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit. The same goes for outdated applications. If they’re no longer in use, it’s time for them to go. In addition to taking up storage space, they provide too many ways for malicious websites and hackers to access your private information. We can also set you up with a secure password manager. This is helpful because you should have unique and complex passwords for each site you access. A password manager will also warn you if you try to input information into a questionable site. 

Internet Connection Firewall Security

Every company needs a strong firewall to monitor and filter all traffic that comes and goes via your network. This ensures that legitimate buyers can look at your website but blocks any threats. 

Backup Important Information

Computer CPR can help you protect important files and data with a few storage solutions. Our Southlake tech specialists can install a local backup which is a physical hard drive connected to company computers that regularly collects and stores backups. We can also help your Fort Worth business incorporate a cloud storage solution so you can backup your information on a secure Internet server. Our technical support team can also inform you about the possibility of a hybrid storage system that combines the previous solutions!

Any one of these business storage solutions will help prevent losing accidentally deleted files, infected files, or damaged files. 

Secure Wifi

Prevent hackers from targeting your business in Fort Worth by securing your wifi connection. The Computer CPR tech specialists can offer suggestions to help ward off potential threats, but we also offer a few services that can help keep your connection secure. 

Next, we will update your software and firmware– eliminating gaps that hackers can exploit. You’ll also need a WPA2 which Computer CPR can implement for your business. This encryption protocol will help keep your private information private. If you currently have an outdated route that’s WPA-incompatible we can help you get the best tech to suit your needs. 

2-Step Password Verification

No matter what size your local business is, you and your staff members should be using 2-step verification. You may have seen this on popular platforms like Google, but you can also enable this authentication process on company computers. We can help you set up whichever verification method you prefer whether that’s via text, app, so some other form. 

Southlake Cybersecurity Services

The premier business cybersecurity and technical support company in Southlake, TX– our team protects local businesses from cyber attacks. Schedule a consultation today to learn how Computer CPR can help protect your business. Our team specializes in malware detection, cybersecurity, and virus prevention. Let us create a custom security plan for your business, you won’t be disappointed!

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