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Is Remote Computer Repair a Better Option Than Local Service?

by | Jul 11, 2017 | Computer Repairs, IT Support, Remote Support

Today, people like to do everything remotely. We shop online, work remotely, and even date digitally! But what about computer repair? While remote computer repair is a rising industry, lots of people are unsure about how remote computer repair works, and whether it’s really a better option than visiting your local computer repair experts. Here’s what you need to know.

What is Remote Computer Repair?

Remote computer support (sometimes called remote repair or remote assistance) is computer service that doesn’t require you to take your PC to a shop. During a repair or support session, a computer repair expert accesses your computer wirelessly and troubleshoots your PC’s issue.

While remote repair services take lots of different forms, they’re typically accompanied by chat-based support or other support activities.

What are the Benefits of Remote Support?

The most obvious benefit of remote support is that it doesn’t require you to leave your home, which makes it accessible from any place, any time. All you need is an internet connection! Here are a few of the other notable benefits of remote support:

1. Rapid Repairs

Remote assistance is not only convenient, it’s also fast. Instead of waiting for a computer repair tech to visit your home or office, or for a busy local service to find time to get to your PC, remote support allows you to access the help you need, right now.

This is particularly the case when you work with a company that offers website-based remote support services, which are virtually instantaneous.

2. Support for Various Platforms

Remote support experts provide multi-platform flexibility and can service Mac, Linux, and Windows systems, among others. This means no troublesome waiting or confusion while you try to find the right professional for the job.

3. Security

While allowing someone to access your computer remotely might sound a little scary, computer techs understand your concerns. As such, most computer repair places that offer remote support services give you a choice between allowing full or limited access. In most cases, users can also end the support session at any time, and without the approval of the support tech.

4. Cost-Savings

Contrary to what many people believe, remote support can actually be less expensive than local service! Because remote support allows repair techs to skip the trip to your home or office, you can generally expect a lower bill from a remote session than you would a hands-on repair.

When is Remote Repair the Right Choice?

So, if remote computer repair is fast, secure, and affordable, isn’t it always the right choice for computer repair? The answer is no! In some situations, such as instances where a PC is affected by a serious software or hardware problem or doesn’t have a fast internet connection, a local repair may be more efficient and expedient. As a general rule, remote computer repair is ideal for customers who meet the following criteria:

  • You have a fast internet connection. Since remote support relies on internet connectivity, it won’t do you much good if you have a slow or nonexistent connection. In this case, either move to a faster wireless network or go see your local techs.
  • You need help immediately. Remote support is ideal for immediate assistance and easily manageable problems.
  • You don’t have a major software or hardware issue. If your computer won’t access the internet, won’t power on, or is exhibiting symptoms of hardware or software malfunction like the “Spinning Wheel of Death” or other such red-flags, you’ll need to see a local computer repair tech. While these problems might be resolvable through remote support, they’re serious and will do better with immediate, hands-on attention.

If you don’t meet the criteria above, your computer is physically damaged (from a drop or collision, for example), or if your computer is suffering from significant hardware-based issues, it’s time to pay your local computer repair team a visit. While remote computer support is a fantastic option, it’s not right for every situation, and knowing when to use it and when to opt for local service is essential to the health and wellbeing of your computer.