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Questions You Must Ask Before Purchasing a New Computer

by | Nov 25, 2013 | Articles

COLLEYVILLE, TEXAS – Determining what sort of computer to purchase may not rank in importance with who to marry or what to name your child, but that doesn’t mean this decision isn’t a big one. Computers are quite the investment- so be sure to make a wise choice.

We at Computer CPR, a trusted provider of computer support and network administration in the Colleyville area, are offering some valuable advice to our customers. Prior to the big purchase, ask yourself and the sales associate a few key questions.

What to Ask Yourself

  • How am I going to use this computer?
    If your plans don’t extend past surfing the Internet, looking at your friend’s Facebook pictures and checking your email, purchase a reliable computer with affordable, basic features. If you’ll be using your computer for activities like editing footage or storing hefty files, you’ll need to inform the sales associate of such plans. The amount of storage space, processing speed and your budget will need to be increased.
  • Who is going to use this computer?
    The hardware and software of different computers are designed with different users in mind. For example, is your child going to be playing video games on your computer? Strong hardware will be required, since such games consume a lot of processing and graphics power. Will a senior be using your computer? Focus on simplicity and user-friendliness.
  • Where am I going to use this computer?
    Laptops are a necessity for the student or employee on the go, but more stationary customers should consider a desktop computer. These are less susceptible to the dangers of the outside world, including theft and an old fashioned case of the dropsies. Desktop machines can support more extensive features, as well.
  • Do I need a new computer?
    Sometimes, computers just need a little love. Our skilled IT experts supply comprehensive tech support and computer repair in the Keller area. A clean sweep of viruses and a new hard drive or operating system can revive a once-sluggish computer

What to Ask the Sales Associate

  • How much RAM is installed in this computer?
    RAM stands for random access memory, which is the system memory used to power ongoing processes. RAM plays a vital role in overall computer performance. Newer operating systems actually require more of this memory than older ones. Be sure your new computer is equipped with 4GB of RAM, at least.
  • What operating system does this computer use?
    Aesthetics aside, it’s the operating system (OS) that separates the Mac from the PC. The OS will determine what programs are suitable for the computer and how the interface will appear. Prior to purchasing, do some research on Apple’s Mac iOS X and Windows 7 or 8 to see which you prefer.
  • Does this computer have a wireless adapter?
    Did you know that many desktop computers aren’t equipped with a wireless adapter? Ask before you buy.
  • Is this computer customized to fit my needs perfectly?
    In addition to outstanding IT support, Computer CPR offers personalized computer sales. Our educated and professionally trained staff can meet your technology demands perfectly by constructing a computer with the highest quality components. By purchasing a computer from us, you won’t have to suffer the costs of unwanted features, and there’s no overseas support center to hassle with. A computer from Computer CPR is truly made just for you.

A computer is a big purchase. We would love the opportunity to meet with you and supply you with the ideal computer for your lifestyle. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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