Mac at the Workplace: Need for Desktop Support

According to Forrester Research – a leading global research and advisory firm – 20 percent of IT workers in the U.S. were Mac users at the beginning of 2012. The trend accelerated since then, with more customers choosing Apple products over other options available in the market. Another research by Gartner reports that in 2014, the top six newly-activated devices in enterprises were an Apple product. Out of these, iPads comprised 79 percent activations, while about 64 percent of the companies audited stated that they plan to buy Macs in the near future.

Although Windows-based PCs continue to be the market leader, Mac systems are becoming increasingly popular, especially at workplaces. Not too long ago, the corporate world was considered an impenetrable fortress of Windows-based systems. During the last few years, however, many companies have started opting for Macs, exclusively. Although Mac systems promise great performance and stability, the need for skilled maintenance support is always there.

Procuring Mac Support Services
Increased adoption of Mac systems in workplaces across the U.S. has led to the emergence of numerous providers offering Mac support services. When looking to procure support services, make sure that one you hire specializes in repairing Mac systems and has trained and experienced technicians. They should also have in-depth understanding of advanced OS X, troubleshooting of applications, peripherals and integration with other business systems.

Mac-based Professional Workflows
Most Mac machines are meant to run business-specific tools. These include Apple Pro’s Final Cut Studio and Aperture, and a wide range of high-end applications, such as Avid, Quark, Avid, AutoCAD and the tools found in Adobe’s Creative Suite. In order to troubleshoot these Mac apps, IT consultants need to be proficient in handling these tools.

Expertise in Third-Party Solutions
Professional applications generally don’t run in isolation; they are used with different integrated workflows, including software by third-party vendors and Mac services. Technicians for Mac support, therefore, need to understand the common workflows designed for these tools and those specific to individual users and organizations.

A Few Last Words
In addition to providing support for different professional apps, the Mac IT technicians you choose should have proven skills to troubleshoot common tools such as Office, Mail, iWork, iCal and others. Despite the abundance, it can be difficult for you to find a computer support firm that has skilled Mac desktop support technicians and charges reasonably for their services

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