Lenovo vs Apple: A Never-ending Saga

A reader survey conducted in 2012 by PCWorld revealed that Apple and Lenovo computers have been the best in terms of performance and customer satisfaction; however, the computers offered by these two industry leaders are completely different. Apple computers come with Macintosh OSX, while most of the options offered by Lenovo are bundled with Microsoft Windows.

Though the conflict between Windows and Mac patrons has always been a never-ending debate, regardless of the one you choose, the need for a computer repair specialist in Fort Worth is bound to arise, especially after the expiration of manufacturer’s warranty.

Getting Your Computer Repaired

If you own a Lenovo or Apple computer that is giving you trouble, it is important to get the issue addressed by a professional, at the earliest. When it comes to finding a reliable computer repair center in Southlake or Keller – places that have numerous technicians for both Lenovo and Apple computer repairs, you must proceed with caution, as there are palpable differences in Lenovo and Apple computers. Following are some of the key differences.


Apple is attributable for some of the finest designs witnessed in the world of computers. In addition to laptops and other mobile devices, the company also provides ‘all-in-ones’ that bundle CPU and monitor in a single, sleek unit, thereby reducing the number of cables required for setup. Lenovo PCs range from neat, cost-effective designs to the space-age aesthetics offered by the company’s Alienware range of computers.


Apple PCs are known to use high quality, but costly parts. Their processors deliver better performance compared to other high-end PCs, but absence of USB on some of the new models may disappoint a few. On the other hand, the configuration of Lenovo computers varies; overall, the brand offers more affordable options for customers, compared to Apple.


Apple is quite selective in establishing its outlets. Consequently, the availability of replacement parts is always a concern for Apple PC owners. Lenovo, on the other hand, follow a much liberal retail strategy, which is the reason why the company has a wider market reach compared to Apple.


There is a palpable difference in the vulnerability of Lenovo and Apple PCs to viruses, malware and spyware. As the majority of computers have Microsoft Windows as the operating system, they are the main target of such threats. However, even Apple computers aren’t completely resilient to viruses. Of late, several trojans such as Mac Defender, Mac Protector and MacGuard have troubled Mac users.


All in all, given the differences, it would be safe to say that Apple computers are better suited for graphic designers, music composers, and other professionals who demand high speed processing; whereas, Lenovo takes the cake when it comes to affordability and maintenance. Regardless of the one you have, when it comes to choosing a computer repair services provider in Southlake, Colleyville, Fort Worth, or for that matter, and other place; always ensure that you go with a competent contender.

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