iPhone Update Makes it Easier to Unlock Your Phone While Wearing A Facemask

It’s important to take every precaution you can to stay safe from the COVID-19 pandemic. The CDC recommends keeping 6 feet of distance from other people, reducing physical contact with others, washing your hands regularly, and wearing face masks, scarves, or bandanas when going out. In fact, some states are requiring their citizens to wear face masks in public places to avoid being fined. iPhone users have been struggling to unlock their phones with the face detection feature because the camera can’t recognize them. Luckily, an update is on the horizon which will fix this issue.

How iPhone Face Detection Works

In the newer iPhones, there’s a feature that uses the front-facing camera and facial recognition to unlock your phone without a password. This feature makes it more convenient to unlock your phone in a hurry, and millions of people have it activated on their devices. If the camera can’t recognize your face, it will try again before prompting you to put in a 6-digit code instead.

Why Facemasks are an Issue

Facemasks are extremely important right now, and everyone should be doing what they can to cover their nose and mouth when going out into public. Unfortunately, wearing a face mask makes it impossible for your iPhone to recognize your face. Recently, iPhone users have experienced annoying delays when trying to unlock their phones. The camera can’t recognize a user’s entire face, and it overworks the system as the software searches. Eventually, after a sometimes long wait, the phone will give up and prompt you to enter your 6-digit code. For people who need to access their phones quickly, this can cause an annoying hassle, and it might make you give up on the technology altogether.

New Update Solves Face Detection Problem

The Apple iOS 13.5 beta update has been released to app developers, and they’ve noticed a helpful tweak in the face detection feature. It seems the facial recognition software has been updated to recognize when the user is wearing a face mask. When it notices you have a mask on, it’ll skip the extra searching and go right to the 6-digit passcode. This update is small, but it’s sure to make life easier for those who want to keep using the face detection system to unlock their phones. It’s also comforting to know that Apple is trying to work around issues caused by the pandemic and promote public safety.

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