Identity Thieves Stealing Multiple Numbers from People

COLLEYVILLE, TX – As we put more and more of our information online, identity thieves have taken advantage. Consider the following numbers most often used in identity theft, as reported in a recent business article by ABC and originally written in

  1. Phone Numbers-Listing your phone number on public websites may be necessary in certain cases. Some companies use the number to identify you, making it a prime target for identity thieves.
  2. Dates and ZIP Codes-We rarely think twice about putting info such as our birth, college attendance, employment and residence location on public websites, particularly social media. But that can be easy access for fraudulent action.
  3. PIN Codes-Can you believe that card-skimming allows thieves to record your credit card information as you type your personal identification number? The article advises you to cover your hands as you make your transaction.
  4. Social Security Numbers-Few places legitimately require your social security number. Be smart when deciding whether to hand over this critical piece of identification.
  5. Bank Account Numbers-Credit cards actually serve as a safer option than personal checks. Identity thieves can’t get as much information from a person’s credit card.
  6. IP Addresses-If you ever receive a message saying that your IP address is connected to online criminal activity, don’t acknowledge it. Scammers can lock your computer files by using malware as a way to gain access to your IP address.
  7. Driver’s License and Passport Numbers-Identity thieves will try to engage in fraudulent activity by getting a hold of either of these numbers, or a combination of both. If they gain access to them, the level of difficulty with the counterfeiting process is fairly easy.
  8. Health Insurance Account Numbers-This ranks as the most dangerous number to be taken advantage of if stolen by identity thieves. Basically, the scammer’s medical information can be mixed with yours. Consequently, items like your blood type, allergies and medication could misconstrue, leading to potentially disastrous situations.

At Computer CPR, we can help you in your efforts to minimize your risk of identity theft. Though it’s impossible to guarantee that you’ll avoid it, our staff can bring you back to peace of mind.

Coupled with having a damage control plan already planned out with your bank representative and insurance agent, you will be less fearful if you ever are forced to deal with identity theft.

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