4 Ways to Stop Spam in Your Email Inbox

In 2012, more than 87 billion emails were sent out every day.

If that sounds jarring, you’re not alone. Spam email is a real problem, and it can be an annoying thing to sit down to first thing in the morning. Luckily, there are proactive steps you can take to stop spam in your email inbox.

Why Stop Spam?

When you cut down on spam on your PC, you do two important things. First, you limit your chances of picking up a computer virus, since many spam emails contain viruses or malware. Second, you save yourself time and stress every day, since you’ll be able to spend less time deleting and sifting through spam emails.

4 Ways to Stop Spam Today

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Whether your problem is thousands of junky emails clogging up your inbox or inappropriate content finding its way into your daily life, these four tips can help put an end to it.

1. Help Your Filter Learn the Difference

While most people just delete the spam email that lands in their inboxes, this doesn’t help your spam filter learn which emails you value and which you don’t. Instead, take a few additional seconds to report your spam emails as spam. If you’re using Gmail, you can do that by clicking the “report spam” button at the top of your dashboard. It looks like this:

Stop spam on your PC with "report spam" button in Gmail

Be aware that the change won’t be instant. Over time, though, your spam filter will begin to filter these messages away from your inbox automatically. Periodically, you’ll also want to take a look in your spam filter and mark any messages that were accidentally labeled as junk “not spam.”

2. Use Disposable Email Addresses

While most people aren’t familiar with them, disposable email addresses are a popular spam deterrent. A disposable email address acts as a “pass-through,” taking email and forwarding it to your primary email address. The benefit of using one is that, if the disposable address starts to get spammed heavily, you can cancel it without affecting your main email.

Several browser extensions can help you hide your email. Some of the favorites include MaskMe, mailshell, and spamex.

3. Unenroll

Lots of the spam email most of us get comes from email lists we purposefully subscribed to. In many cases, these email lists send out way more content than we were expecting, or we just “outgrow’ them. To unenroll from all of them at once, use a service like unroll.me.

Unroll.me plugs directly into your inbox. Once you’ve granted access, it scans your email for mailing lists.

Unroll.me to stop spam on your computer

Next, it lays out all your mailing lists in a single dashboard, where you can unsubscribe with a single click.

Unroll.me to protect your PC from spam

Simple, fast, efficient, and free, unenrolling from outdated mailing lists is one of the easiest ways to stop spam.

4. Don’t Ever Reply to Spam

When you get a spammy text message, you can generally text “STOP” to remove yourself from the mailing list. With emails, this isn’t entirely accurate. Not only does replying to spam put you at risk of getting a computer virus, but it also indicates to the spammer or spambot behind the email address that yours is an active, populated email address that they should keep targeting. Instead, mark all spam email as junk, and delete it forever.

Enjoy Less Spam – Starting Now

Each year, spam costs consumers and companies a staggering $20 million. While it’s tough to eradicate spam altogether, there are smart steps you can take to limit its influence on your PC. By doing simple things like using a disposable email address when shopping online, unenrolling from outdated mailing lists, using your spam filters, and refusing to reply to spam, you can start enjoying a cleaner and more streamlined inbox.

To learn more about caring for your PC, or for a routine tune-up, contact the techs at Computer CPR today.

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