How to Limit Damage if Your Credit Card Gets Stolen

Fort Worth, Texas – Think about how many times you use your credit card online. Whether it’s for paying bills or making a purchase at your favorite retailer, there’s no question that your credit card info is out there. Most websites do an incredible job keeping their consumers safe from thieves.

However, there’s always the possibility of getting that call from the bank explaining that they have frozen your card due to fraudulent activity. The problem may be solved, but not after the cyber criminal went on a shopping spree.

Theresa Payton recently wrote an article on discussing what happens from the time your card’s info is stolen to the time your bank alerts you of the dilemma. She says that your credit card is oftentimes resold to other cyber criminals as an avenue for quick cash. The most valuable ones for thieves are connected with a consumer’s address and personal information, including social security number and date of birth.

Behavior data also plays a major role for online thieves. Let’s say you’re a frequent customer of Home Depot in Fort Worth and the stealer has access to that information. They can take advantage of this and rack up a huge purchase without your bank flagging it as suspicious.

So what can you do to avoid being the next victim?

Make a habit of monitoring your bank and credit card statements to start. You can even go one step further by taking the advice of Computer CPR’s Michael Young.

“Avoid using the same password for everything,” he says. “And be sure to install a virus protection program that runs properly, especially on a computer that has all of your credit card info stored.”

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