How to Extend Your Laptop’s Battery Life

After a few years with your laptop, you’ll probably notice its battery doesn’t last as long as it used to. It can get annoying and stressful to keep your laptop plugged in all day, and replacing your battery gets expensive when it has to be done too often. Here are a few tips to help you get more out of your laptop battery.

Adjust Your Battery Usage

Windows users can check their battery performance and usage with the Windows Battery Performance slider. The slider feature lets you choose how much battery power your laptop uses. macOS has most of the same settings in the Energy Saver feature. These tools give you the ability to choose your preferred level of battery usage and computer performance.

Close Apps you Aren’t Using

Pay attention to the apps that drain your battery the most. Apps like Spotify and file explorer are easy to open and forget about, but they’re also notorious battery hogs. Make a habit out of checking your apps and closing anything you aren’t using at the moment.

Change Display and Graphics

A powerful graphics processor is great for enjoying video game visuals, but make sure it isn’t being used by other apps. Your graphics processor should have its own control panel on Windows operating systems, which you can use to ensure that only your games are using it. Energy Saver on MacOS has an automatic graphics switching setting which does the same thing with the click of one button.

Use Battery Saver When you Can

Battery saver mode is a great tool if you don’t have a charger nearby. It closes and blocks certain energy-draining functions on your computer to stretch your remaining battery life. This won’t work if you’re trying to connect to the internet, so only use it when you’re working offline. You can also turn your WiFi and Bluetooth settings off if you have no need for them, and the same goes for other apps that suck up your battery life.

Pay Attention to Airflow

Laptop batteries are sturdier than ever before, but they aren’t invincible. Airflow is the biggest concern for lithium-polymer batteries in modern laptops. Dust can get caught in the battery vents and prevent hot air from escaping, and using your laptop on blankets or pillows can trap heat inside the battery. Be sure to clean your battery’s vents with compressed air whenever they start to look dirty and try to only use your laptop on flat surfaces for better ventilation. Invest in a lap desk if you prefer working on a bed or couch.

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