How to Choose a Laptop for School

Laptops have become increasingly popular for high school and college students in recent years, but the recent COVID-19 pandemic has made them mandatory. With most classes taking place online, you have a lot more to consider when choosing a laptop to get you through school. Along with normal requirements like long battery life and enough storage space, you now need a computer that will help you navigate online classes, access your course resources, and have video calls with your class. Here are a few things to look for in your school laptop, and why they matter.

Processing Power and Memory Space

The processor of a computer controls how quickly it runs, and how efficiently it’s able to perform small tasks. A slower processor might not be able to boot up very fast or open programs quickly, while a fast processor can boot up much quicker, and might be able to handle video games larger programs. A laptop with a slower processor will probably be more affordable, but make sure you aren’t getting too little processing power for your needs. 

Memory space isn’t a huge consideration for school computers, since students often store at least some of their assignments and documents on flash drives. However, you want to make sure your computer has enough memory that you won’t have to rely on external storage to get through a semester.

School Requirements

Some schools have specific system requirements for their students to avoid compatibility issues. Before you go shopping for your school computer, check to see if you’ll be required to have a specific computer. 

Even if your school doesn’t require a specific computer, your professors might require you to use specific programs or applications. Make sure your laptop choice is able to support these programs, or even install them. Chromebooks are a popular choice among students for their low price range, but you won’t be able to install or use Microsoft Office if you get one. 

You should also consider your major and the kind of laptop it might require. Art and Graphic Design majors, for example, need a computer with more graphic capabilities than an English major.

Price Range

Lastly, consider your price range. Most students are on a budget, which can make finding the right laptop even more difficult. If you need a more powerful computer to keep up with your school work, your best option is to save some money until you can afford it. You can also get a refurbished computer, buy a laptop with a payment plan, or ask your school bookstore about student discounts.

Remote Tech Support with ComputerCPR

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