How Can SMBs Keep Their Emails Secure?

These days, cyber threats are more and more focused on exploiting trusting people and their businesses. Some estimates suggest that around 90% of attacks begin with emails that use social engineering with malicious links and codes. Unfortunately, SMB IT support is usually lackluster or nonexistent, which makes this kind of threat a severe problem. We have listed some ideas to help keep your business safe and your emails secure.

What Are Some of the Threats?

In essence, cyberattacks mostly boil down to three types — phishing, ransomware, and email compromise. The first kind refers to when someone poses as a trusted entity and tries to obtain sensitive data from your business. They will send emails that might infect your system with malware. Regrettably, phishing can end in data and financial loss that can seriously harm your business and stop it from operating properly.

On the other hand, ransomware is all about malware that can restrict you from using computers on your network until you pay a certain ransom. This amount might vary, but it usually stays in the five-digit range. However, this malware can be so tricky to remove that around 30% of businesses end up paying the ransom eventually. Just like the previous type of threat, ransomware also causes financial and data loss.

Lastly, email compromise occurs when an attacker fools users into thinking they’re corresponding with their executive. This way, they gain access to sensitive data that controls the key assets of your business. Furthermore, the attacker might trick your employees into transferring funds without a ransom. Business email compromise leads to the same problems as the previous two types of attacks.

How to Protect Your Business

There are a couple of things you can do to protect your business from the dangers of phishing. The simplest method is to not click on anything suspicious that appears in your inbox. You have to be cautious about links and attachments that come from unreliable addresses. We also recommend that you set up your business email with a cloud technology solution through an SMB tech support service as soon as possible.

When it comes to ransomware, you should install security updates on your computers regularly. Whether you’re using Macs or PCs, both Apple and Microsoft tend to stay on top of their security game. Furthermore, we also recommend that you implement a disaster recovery solution through a cloud service. This option is pretty much standard nowadays, even for small and medium businesses.

Educate your employees to protect your business from email compromise. Aside from that, make sure to use verified wire transfers and protect your professional email addresses and accounts with two-factor authentication. Finally, email compromise defense also comes down to cloud-managed IT services that we’ve mentioned before. This network solution will vastly improve your security and protect your business.

Count on Computer CPR

No matter what kind of support your small or medium business needs, you can always contact Computer CPR. Although we’re a Southlake-based IT company, we provide our services everywhere remotely. We’re available 24/7, so don’t hesitate to get in touch now. Let’s keep your emails secure with the latest IT services.

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