Four Simple Ways to Speed up Your PC

SOUTHLAKE, TEXAS – Few things are more infuriating than waiting 10 minutes for a PC to start-up. Or, being forced to sit idle as the page containing that information you need takes an absurd amount of time to load. The professional information technology consultants at Computer CPR understand the frustration and are eager to be of assistance. By simply following a few guidelines, PC owners can easily jolt their computers back to life and enjoy fast operating speeds once again.

Free Up Disk Space
The more cluttered your hard disk, the more sluggish your computer will run. Drive space available to consumers is rapidly expanding, but that doesn’t mean computers are immune to becoming bogged down with junk programs and content. Uninstall space-eating programs and opt for similar software that requires less room on the hard drive, then promptly delete items that you feel aren’t important or necessary to save.

To free-up some space on your computer, right click the hard drive icon located in the Computer window and select Properties. Then select the Disk Cleanup button under the disk properties tab. Browse through your files and click delete. It’s that simple!

Dump Spyware
Commonly dubbed as being “malicious,” spyware paralyzes operating systems and may collect personal information that can put you and your family at risk. Unfortunately, the only simple solution to a malware infestation is to seek professional assistance with a trusted computer repair business like Computer CPR. Attempting to oust spyware at home can lead to a complete computer meltdown, if done incorrectly. If your machine is in the grips of a spyware invasion, it’s best to leave it with an expert.

Managed to avoid spyware or experiencing only a mild spyware problem? You’re in luck. Microsoft offers a variety of programs such as Malicious Software Removal Tool or Windows Defender to help keep computers malware-free.

Stay Updated
The majority of viruses that lead to sputtering operating systems manifest from not taking advantage of available updates. PC owners can check for software improvements by simply setting up Windows Update. It’s easy – go to the Microsoft Update website and follow the brief step by step instructions on how to turn on the automatic update notifications. If it’s already established on your computer, the website will display a list of available upgrades.

Don’t Wait To Seek Professional Help
A computer doesn’t work like an emotionally damaged human – things don’t get better in time. If your sluggish computer leaves you seeking answers, rely on the expertise of Computer CPR’s IT consultants to troubleshoot any issues that trigger slow operating speeds. Not only are their experts pros at tuning-up PCs, but they also offer comprehensive Mac repair in Southlake and surrounding neighborhoods.

Customers of Computer CPR have an array of convenient options to select from. They can call a professional to swing by their house for an on-site repair, drop-off their machine at Computer CPR’s shop for speedy in-house service or, if possible, have the issue resolved remotely.
To learn more about the services provided by Keller area PC repair experts Computer CPR, call their friendly staff today.

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