Data Protection 101: Endpoint Security Protects Fort Worth Businesses From Spyware, Malware, Trojans, and More!

Endpoint protection is essential for businesses both big and small. Whether you’re running a start-up out of your garage and you and your mom are the only employees, or you’re the CEO of a multi-national corporation with thousands of employees– business security should be at the forefront of your mind. Your endpoints must be secure for you to safely communicate, process payments, and protect your proprietary information. Endpoint solutions protect company devices from malware, email phishing, and more by alerting you to an issue and allowing you to proactively defend yourself against hackers. 

But endpoint protection isn’t your basic, run-of-the-mill anti-virus software (although that stuff is good too). Endpoint security allows preset administrators to manage all company devices to perform a thorough investigation and begin remediation when a problem arises. Cyberattacks are on the rise, and more businesses than ever are using endpoint protection solutions to fend off cyberattacks. 

To find the endpoint security solution that works best for your Fort Worth business, first, you need to understand what endpoint security does. So today, Computer CPR Southlake is going to explain what endpoints are, potential threats, and how exactly endpoint protection keeps your company secure. 

What is an endpoint?

Now, most business owners’ first question is, “what’s an endpoint and what does it have to do with company security?” Great question! We’re so glad you asked. 

An endpoint is any device that is physically an endpoint on a network. This includes devices like laptops, desktops, cell phones, and more. If you install an antivirus program, that’s software you install directly on the endpoint. 

Why does my business need endpoint protection?

Another great question! You’re on fire today. Endpoint security refers to cybersecurity services for network endpoints. These services may include antivirus, email filtering, and firewall installation services. Endpoint security plays a key role in business information architecture and online security by protecting various systems, proprietary information, intellectual property, customer and employee information, and more from cyberattacks. 

Troublesome malware, spyware, and ransomware can’t be avoided using antivirus software. Your endpoints need comprehensive security to protect sensitive data. Endpoint protection solutions are centrally managed and protect all company endpoints including servers and mobile devices.

How does endpoint protection work?

Endpoint protection solutions often allow businesses to access and control functionalities internally. The human element of endpoint protection allows prompt action using preset protocols to eradicate unauthorized users from company networks. This helps protect private information and eliminate malware. Endpoint protection typically evaluates an endpoint before permitting access, such as the operating system, browser, and other applications. To ensure these things are threat-free, the endpoint protection ensures they’re updated and meet the company’s safety standards before allowing an endpoint to access the network. 

Endpoint Protection is centrally located within the business where an administrator can effectively monitor any connected endpoints. 

Keller-Southlake Endpoint Solution Installers

Cybercriminals are constantly devising new ways to take advantage of employees, infiltrate networks, and steal private information. And while smaller businesses may think they’re too small to be targeted, it’s actually the opposite. Cybercriminals are banking on your feeling that way, and will specifically target smaller businesses in the hopes that they haven’t implemented adequate endpoint security. Whether you’re a small office with under 10 employees or a multinational corporation, you need to make sure you have reliable endpoint security services in place.

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Are you struggling to maximize your company’s security? Did all of the information we just throughout you sound like it could do some real good? Well, computer CPR is here to help. We proudly serve Keller, Fort Worth, Southlake, Haslet, Watauga, and the surrounding cities. Contact us today to schedule an appointment where we can discuss your network security needs in-depth. 

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