Corporate Cybersecurity

Members of the general public are frequently the targets of low-level cyber attacks. However, more advanced cyber attackers target SMBs and corporations to acquire private company and client information. This tends to yield higher results for the criminal but could be disastrous for your company in numerous ways. McAfee estimates that in 2021, cybercrime has cost the world over $1 trillion. This number includes damages and the destruction of data, currency, and intellectual property. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for companies to combat ever-developing network threats alone.

The cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving but by utilizing a corporate cybersecurity service, you can protect your company’s assets and reputation. A reputable IT company is capable of managing computer and network upgrades that keep your information secure and your company operating seamlessly. 

What is Corporate Cybersecurity?

Corporate cybersecurity is essentially the process of protecting your businesses’ computers, networks, programs, and more from online threats. Computer CPR protects your companies assets in a few different ways. They include network security, cloud security, and application security.

Network Security

Our cybersecurity services help protect your business’ internal network from prying outsiders. Some ways we do this include installing antivirus programs, firewalls, anti-spyware programs, intrusion prevention software, restricting browsing to high-risk sites, or monitoring who has access to your secure internet. Ultimately, it’s our goal to provide several layers of security to ensure outside threats are unable to access, use, steal information meant to be kept internally. 

Cloud Security

Many businesses have pivoted to using cloud storage systems to store important data online. This eliminates traditional concerns about expenses and capacity, but could potentially leave your company open to cyber attacks. Fortunately, Computer CPR of Southlake can help mitigate some of these risks. To keep your cloud secure, we can install software to monitor who is accessing the data and what they’re doing with it. The program will flag anything suspicious and promptly alert the company so the problem can be dealt with promptly. 

Application Security

Each industry uses specialized applications to streamline its workflow and make tasks easier. Many of these applications are used by staff on various networks, which leaves you open to attacks. Other applications are sourced from public networks. If they aren’t downloaded from the correct party, a staff member may accidentally introduce a dirty dupe onto your computers and network. It’s important to practice good application security even if the app was developed internally. Any application you use has the potential to be exploited so don’t be caught unaware. 

Fort Worth Cybersecurity Services

If you own or operate a business in Fort Worth, contact Computer CPR for a consultation. We can help determine if your networks are secure and if your private information is protected from prying eyes. Everyone should invest in cybersecurity for themselves. However, if you own a business your reputation, intellectual property, and all of the private payment information customers entrust you with may be at risk. Don’t wait until you find yourself on the wrong side of a cyber attack. Take control of your company’s security and hire an SMB IT Management company who can protect you.

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