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College Kids, Take Notice! Three Easy Ways to Maximize MacBooks in Time for School

by | Aug 15, 2013 | News

SOUTHLAKE, TEXAS – A laptop is an essential tool for the busy college student. Sadly, all computers (even Macs) begin to slow the more they are put to use. With collegians prepping to return to school to tackle lengthy essays, presentations and research papers, Computer CPR’s computer service professionals are sharing four simple ways to ensure MacBooks last long after the end of the semester – no pricey upgrades or gadgets required.

Get updated. Those pop-ups announcing the latest available upgrades may seem like an annoyance, but Mac owners should take notice. Taking the time to implement new programs through Software Update will accelerate operating speeds and bolster the computer’s defense against viruses. Try upgrading to OS 10.8 Mountain Lion to guarantee your computer is as prepared for class as you are.

Nix unnecessary programs. Once all available updates are implemented, start filling up that digital trashcan in the bottom right corner. Scour your Applications, Documents and Downloads folders and delete unnecessary programs, files or documents. The less data the hard drive has to manage, the more efficiently the computer will run. Dragging and dropping a program’s icon into the trashcan will do the trick in most cases, but downloading AppCleaner (it’s free!) will ensure all files associated with programs are removed. To finish up, click on System Preferences, select Accounts and empty unwanted items in the Login Items tab.

Perform routine maintenance. Computers need the occasional back-to-school checkup, too. To make sure there are no lingering issues with the disk, select Disk Utility and click Verify Disk. Should an error appear, simply choose Repair Disk. Computer CPR’s information technology consultants will gladly assist with any sort of Mac maintenance.

For collegians needing a serious computer performance boost, the Grapevine computer support experts at Computer CPR can install memory upgrades, replace drained batteries and repair any persisting issues to provide a smooth functioning MacBook. Computer CPR also supplies computer sales, PC repair and network administration in Southlake and surrounding neighborhoods.

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