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How to Choose a New Computer: 5 Things you NEED to Consider

by | Aug 8, 2017 | Custom Built Computers, Tutorials

Shopping for a new computer is an exciting experience! Much like shopping for a new car, though, learning how to choose a new computer requires some research and thought. Instead of just going out and picking one, you’ve got to sit down and think about what kind of technology is important to you, and which model will suit it best.

While it’s true that there are hundreds of different types of computers out there, this guide will help you pick the right one for you.

How to Choose a New Computer: 5 Must-Do Steps

If you use your computer for occasional word processing and shopping, you don’t need a high-powered gaming machine. Likewise, if you’re a devoted gamer, you need something a bit more robust than your run-of-the-mill PC. Here are five smart steps to help you get the computer of your dreams:

1. Consider the Purpose of the Computer

Are you a graphic designer who needs the computer to work in programs like InDesign? Maybe you’re a writer who keeps 47 browser tabs open at any given time and needs a computer that can handle that. Perhaps you just want to use your new PC to browse Pinterest and send emails to your relatives.

Whatever the case may be, considering the computer’s purpose is the first step in the shopping experience. Knowing what you want to use it for helps narrow your choices and guide you toward the right systems.

2. Decide if Portability is Important to You

There are two main types of computers: laptops and desktops. While laptops are small enough to toss in a purse and backpack and take with you, PCs are significantly larger and designed for desk work. Now is the time to think about which style of computer you want.

While desktops have historically been more powerful than laptops, new laptop models feature much of the space and power of desktop computers without the bulk. Laptops do have smaller screens, though, and some people like a desktop computer for its visibility and ease of use.

3. Think About Operating Systems

The two operating systems that dominate the market are Mac and Windows. The choice between these two systems comes down largely to personal preference. Windows are more common than Macs, claiming about 48.91% of total market share while Mac OSX 10.12 accounts for only 3.52%. Macs, on the other hand, are less susceptible to viruses and are generally preferred by people who use their computers for graphics of design work.

If you’ve never used either OS, play around on both to see which you prefer. Be aware that you do have other options, as well. Linux is an alternative OS that’s free to use and doesn’t come with copyrights or viruses.

4. Give Custom Computers a Fair Chance

While lots of people don’t realize they’re an option, custom computers can be a fantastic choice if you have specialized needs or a long list of must-haves.

Designed by a local computer support team like Computer CPR, custom computers take your preferences and intended uses and build around them, resulting in a high-functioning system designed specifically for you.

If you want to learn more about custom computers, read our recent post on the topic here.

5. Shop Around

Now that you know a bit about what you want in a computer, it’s time to shop around. Even if you want a standard computer – like a Mac laptop with a 2.9GHz processor and 512 GB of storage, you can expect prices to vary from place to place.

By shopping around, you’re ensuring you get the best deal and that you don’t overpay for a computer you could have found cheaper somewhere else. Don’t forget to get the computer accessories you need, as well!

Say Hello to Your New Computer!

While it takes some time and consideration, few things are more exciting than getting a new computer to call your own. With these five handy tips, it’s easier than ever before.

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