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Ignoring Your Software Updates? Not a Good Idea

KELLER, TX-We’re all victims of it. We power on our tablets, smartphones and laptops with no intent of taking the time to download the latest update.

But then we see that little icon perched in the system tray, nagging us until we open it.

You may wonder, “Why do I have to do this now? I don’t have time to restart my computer just so a trivial update can download.”

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Cybercrime on the rise in U.S.

Following the 12th annual survey of cybercrime trends, officials announced some distressing news. Online attackers are outsmarting everyone. And they’re doing so at an alarming rate.

The survey, which polled 500 executives of U.S. businesses, law enforcement services and government agencies, acknowledged that 75 percent went through a security breach in the past year.

Experts believe that companies need to approach cybersecurity in a completely different way, suggesting more than just antivirus software.

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Protecting Your Computer from Hackers and Viruses

In the technology world, few things are more excruciating than getting a virus and computer crashes. Southlake network administration and computer repair company, Computer CPR, offers certified data recovery services. We also encourage our clients to be proactive and take steps toward stopping hackers. That’s why we are sharing six steps to avoid spyware and other bad codes.

Install a Firewall: A firewall will protect your computer from hackers who try to gain access to passwords and sensitive information. Some operating systems offer a firewall built into the computer, but individual software can be purchased for your computer.

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Secrets to Windows 8.1 Update 1, new apps, and Internet Explorer 11

There are a lot of changes to Windows and new applications, including some you might not know about. Here are some updates we’ve discovered.

Microsoft operating system head Terry Myerson says the Start menu is back at Windows. The Windows 8.1 Start menu is full of Live Tiles, along with the ability to find and install Microsoft’s universal Windows applications. The universal Windows apps scale across PCs, tablets, and phones, and the apps are able to run inside Windows on the traditional Windows desktop.

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Love & the Internet: How Technology Loves Us Back

Do you love technology? We do at Computer CPR. Since we just celebrated Valentines Day, let’s observe how technology loves us back by making aspects of our love lives much, much easier.

Love is in the air…and on the Internet. Laptops, phones and other devices are being used to benefit relationships on a daily basis. Once tricky tasks like deciding whether or not to give that edgy new restaurant a try with your spouse or how to obtain a potential mate’s contact info are no longer so tough. Here are a few big reasons why technology is simplyfying our love lives:

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