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Should you regularly update your MAC?

   Computer Repair & IT Support Southlake & Fort Worth, Texas817-915-0111  Most people who own a computer tend to fall into one of two categories when it comes to regularly updating their software: They jump on each and every opportunity to update as soon as...

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5 Reasons to Switch from PC to Mac

In addition to the common notion that apple computers are more secure compared to Windows PCs, there are many reasons to switch from Windows to iOS. Unfortunately, sometimes the price tag, and sometimes myths such as you need to recreate all the files, or it won’t be...

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10 Common Mac Troubles and their Fixes

Though, the latest version of OS X is a notable improvement over the predecessor, it is still vulnerable to lock-ups, errors and other irksome behaviors that restrict productivity. When it comes to addressing any complicated issue, it is always prudent to go for...

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