Can’t Connect to the Internet? Here are 5 Steps to Take

Imagine this: you sit down at your computer, intending to pay some bills or binge-watch your favorite show. As soon as you sit down, though, you realize something startling: you can’t connect to the internet. Try as you might, your WiFi bar stays blank, and your browser window remains tragically inactive.

What do you do?

Fortunately,  it’s easy to fix a computer that won’t connect to the internet. Just follow these tips:

5 Ways to Get Your Computer to Connect to the Web

Whether you need to use your computer for work, or you just want to burn some time on a weeknight, these five connection tips should get you back online in a hurry.

1.Check your WiFi

The first thing to check your WiFi. If you have a Mac computer, check your WiFi connection by clicking the icon in the top bar of your desktop. It looks like this.

Can't connect to the Internet - what to do

Be sure that you’ve turned your WiFi on and that you’re connected to the right network. If this looks good, move on to the next step.

2. Troubleshoot Your Connection Issues

If your WiFi is turned on and you’re trying to connect to the right network, troubleshooting the process can help. While most people don’t realize it, the process of connecting to the web is complicated for a computer, and there are lots of little things that can go wrong.

Fortunately, most computers have a built-in troubleshooting functionality that walks through the system step-by-step and works to identify problems. In most cases, this troubleshooting feature will pop up automatically when your computer can’t connect to the internet.

Just click on the prompt to troubleshoot the problem, and then follow the system through the steps. In many cases, this wizard will either resolve the problem automatically or tell you how to fix it manually.

3. Try Turning it Off and On

In the world of IT support, one of the most common fixes is also the easiest: turning the system off and on again. In some cases, an internet connection issue is as simple as a “stuck” functionality or glitchy system.

Sometimes, these simple issues can be fixed by restarting your system, which reboots everything and gives it a chance to start fresh.

With this in mind, restart your computer if you can’t connect to the internet. Once it’s rebooted, try accessing your network again.

4. Update Your Drivers

While it’s a slightly more complex adjustment, updating your LAN drivers can help you resolve internet connection issues. While you’ll need an external device, like a flash drive, to complete the process, it’s a step most people can take at home.

You may want to take this route if your resolution wizard told you your system needs LAN drivers installed, or you just think they’re out of date.

5. Use a Temporary Ethernet Connection

If all else fails, you can try to resolve our internet connection issues with a temporary Ethernet connection. Do this by going to “Network Connections,” choosing the network you’re interested in joining, and selecting the “Wireless card.” option. Be advised that you may need to update these settings to connect.

Once everything has updated, you should be able to leave that network and connect to your Wireless network as usual.

Can’t Connect to the Internet? Help is Here

If you still can’t get your computer to connect to the internet after trying these five things, contact Computer CPR. Our IT support specialists can work with you to troubleshoot your connection issues and help you get back online fast. After all, who wants to waste time battling connection issues on their own?

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