Building a personal custom computer can get you the machine you need. One advantage of buying a custom built desktop computer is that you only pay for what you need. If down the line you find that you need additional functionality on your computer, you can always upgrade or modify specifications.

USPs of Custom Built Desktop Computers

  • Triple-booting options: One of the best parts of having a custom built desktop computers is that you can get triple booting options including Windows, Linux and Macintosh. However, it depends on the hardware compatibility of your computer. If you are a custom built desktop user, consult one of our IT experts to check compatibility of your computer for the triple booting option.
  • Cleaning is Easy: We commend regular cleaning of computers to get rid of dust build up inside your computer that can cause unusual noise, overheating, and hardware failure. Air filters can help in addition to regular cleaning.
  • Upgrade Peripherals: If you have been using the same keyboard, speaker and mouse for a while, consider upgrading. Purchasing new, better functioning accessories is an affordable way to increase the overall functionality and ease of use of your computer.
  • Enhance the speed of your computer: If you use your computer for games or anything which requires speed and storage, speak with one of our IT consultant for advice on how we can help you maximize your hardware. This process is known as “overclocking”. It fetches more power out of your CPU to boost GPU’s gaming performance.