Back-to-School Computer Safety, Repair Tips

KELLER, TX-Your student has the latest laptop just in time for their first research paper. But how can you ensure that they’re enjoying optimal system performance while also staying protected?

Michael Young, owner of Computer CPR, has some suggestions.

“The first thing you need to be sure of is that your student has a reliable antivirus program loaded on their laptop,” he says. “If you don’t want to purchase one right off the bat, there are plenty of free trials available that work great.”

It’s also important that students configure their laptop properly the first time they turn it on.
“It can definitely become tedious,” says Michael. “But clicking all the appropriate boxes ensures that the system will run at peak performance.”

When browsing the Internet, students should stick to trustworthy websites. Landing on an unreliable, fishy site can sometimes be a breeding ground for viruses and malware to attack your computer. This also means that users should avoid clicking on phony advertisements in the corner of their screen or opening spam emails.

However, we all know that things just happen sometimes with computers. Keep these tips in mind if you choose to take computer repair into your own hands (Source:

  • Before removing or disassembling anything from your laptop, first remove the battery and AC power.
  • For precautionary reasons, unplug the computer from the wall or power strip to ensure safety.
  • If you see or smell smoke coming from the power supply, immediately unplug the computer from the wall and allow it to cool for at least five minutes.
  • Testing the laptop’s power supply can bring possible danger. Therefore, it’s important to remove anything conductive from your hands prior to working inside the computer.
  • Parts such as power supply units, monitors, hard drives and optical drives are typically dressed with the label ‘No serviceable components inside.’ These are all highly sensitive and can rarely even be repaired by professionals.

If you have any uncertainty as to whether you could cause further damage to your device, give Computer CPR a call. You can feel confident turning to them for all your computer service and computer safety needs.

Computer CPR is the leading provider of computer support and repair in the Keller, Colleyville, Grapevine, Fort Worth and Southlake areas. Please contact our office to learn more about our residential and business services.

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