7 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Solid State Drive (SSD)

If you value performance over money, investing in a solid state drive or SSD makes immense sense. It’s your best bet to enjoy an exceptional computing experience and achieve better results in less time and energy. Here are seven plausible reasons why you need to approach your nearest laptop or personal computer repair shop and purchase an SSD.

Better Durability
SSDs resist shock up to 1500g/0.5ms, which means they are much less susceptible to shocks and damages in comparison to hard disk drives or HDDs. The reason behind is that SSDs constitute non-moving parts, unlike HDDs, due to which your data is much safer inside them. Moreover, the NAND (negative-AND) flash memory in an SSD is a non-volatile technology that retains data even in the absence of power.

Increased Speed
Unlike the read/write head in an HDD, an SSD uses integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data. It helps users instantaneously access data, no matter the chip’s location, and works 30 percent faster than traditional hard drives. Consequently, users using an SSD drive are bound to experience faster file transfers, quicker boot ups, and other computing benefits.

Reduced Power Consumption
While an HDD consumes around 6 to 7W of power in peak hours, an SSD drive requires only 2 to 3W.  The less energy of consumption required, provides a better battery life to your notebooks, desktops, and laptops. Naturally, SSD drives help you extract more productivity out of your computer systems while you enjoy a cooler computing environment.

Reduced Weight
It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that SSDs are similar to memory or flash cards. While a normal HDD weighs around 752g, an SDD weighs only around 77g. Consequently, the decision to refresh your laptop with an SSD has two benefits: increase in the performance of your system, and a lighter laptop easy to carry around.

More Value for Money
Purchasing an SSD may look expensive initially due to its higher price per gigabyte; however, it is a much more cost-efficient investment in the long run. More productivity with higher IOPS or Input/Output operations per second and lower energy usage are common traits that enable an SSD almost equivalent to 100 HDDs in terms of performance.

Diminished Energy Loss
The amount of energy a hard drive consumes to operate is directly proportional to the amount of energy it needs to release in the form of heat to sustain itself. As SSDs consume much less energy in comparison to an HDD, their heat output is also less. Naturally, refurbishing your pc system with an SSD not only entails a drastic boost in performance, but also a cooler working environment.

Zero Sound Output
Owing to non-moving parts, SSDs offer a silent computing experience hard to find with an HDD. Being non-mechanical, they virtually make no noise at all, no matter the size of movie or type of high end game running on your computer. On the other hand, even the quietest HDD will produce noticeable noise due to its read/write head moving back and forth, and the spinning drive.

The Bottom Line
Though SSDs wear out over time and are expensive, they outperform HDDs in multiple elements, such as speed, noise, energy consumption, and rough use. Moreover, you will never experience fragmentation issues with SSDs. If you need more information about how an SSD can enhance your computing experience and whether or not it is an investment you need to consider, talk to one of our laptop or computer repair experts in Fort Worth at 817-756-2241.

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