6 Great Tips for Caring For Your Computer During This Hot Summer

As you have probably seen on the news and your weather apps, this Texas summer has been a very hot one. This heat has been impacting the crops, the roofs, the water supply, and even your devices, such as your computer or phone. In today’s day and age, living without a properly functioning computer or phone is unthinkable. If you have noticed that your computer has stopped working properly, or you just want some preventative maintenance tips, Computer CPR has you covered. Caring for your computer is easy when you follow our simple tips.

Adjust Light Settings

In an attempt to lower the amount of power your computer uses and prevent it from heating up, you can lower the light settings. You can also add a lamp or two on your desk or wherever you are using your computer if you are in need of more light.

Dust Regularly

You may not think about dusting your computer when there are other parts of your home or business that need it too, but dust will clog your computer fans. The dust also traps heat which makes your computer work much harder to cool down.

Keep Your Computer Away From Light

You don’t want any direct sunlight hitting your computer. If there are blinds you can close that will block the sun when you aren’t using your computer, do it. Or, if you use a portable computer, don’t leave it in places that the sun has easy access to. This can overheat your system and cause problems, such as efficiency loss.

Give Your Computer Room to Breathe

If your computer is on a desk, you might have the habit of scattering papers, books, office supplies, and other belongings around the computer. Although it’s easy to toss things on a desk, try to keep it minimal. Your computer needs room to breathe. Additionally, keep it away from tight corners, such as desk cubbyholes, and try to keep it on a flat surface. 

Keep the Area Cool

Try to keep the room or area where your computer is located at a cool temperature. Sometimes, that can be a little hard during a Texas summer, because insulation might not be the best, and energy bills can get very high. If the room has a lot of windows that bring in direct sunlight, that is another challenge, and you might want to invest in blinds. To help keep energy bills low, you can try running a ceiling fan or any other type of fan instead of using the AC unit. 

Adjust Screensaver and Power-Saving Modes

One of the most important tips for caring for your computer is setting up the sleep mode setting when you aren’t using your computer. The less it is in active working mode, the less likely it will overheat.

Computer CPR Is Here For You

If your computer is acting up this summer, get in touch with one of our experts at Computer CPR. Caring for your computer with these summer tips may not be enough to restore a malfunctioning computer. Let one of our team members analyze your computer and provide a solution.

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