5 Reasons to Switch from PC to Mac

In addition to the common notion that apple computers are more secure compared to Windows PCs, there are many reasons to switch from Windows to iOS. Unfortunately, sometimes the price tag, and sometimes myths such as you need to recreate all the files, or it won’t be possible to transfer the existing data, prevent many people from making the transition. Regardless, if you are not sure as to the benefits associated with the migration, we are going to discuss five solid reasons in support of the move.

1. Seamless Integration
The “hands-off” feature in iOS is pretty handy for people who email or write a lot on different electronic devices. Similar to Google Drive, “hands-off” allows users to initiate an email, document, or note on their iPad or iPhone and continue from where they left on their MAC. this happens without the need to synchronize or save anything when leaving the previous device. The function also applies to maps and web searches, reminders, and calendar adjustments, among others.

2. No Driver Troubles
You never have to take a MAC to an apple computer repairs shop for a driver-related issue. The reason is that apple computers come installed with all the required drivers and usually do not require reinstalling or updating, even later.  Apple computers’ drivers almost never crash when compared to default drivers on Windows machines. On the other hand, if you are using a machine running a Windows operating system, you have to worry about driver issues. Windows drivers require constant updates and you may have to reinstall them several times due to a number of issues. You cannot upgrade a MAC as per your needs, and those who them are not really bothered by this fact as the components are optimized for performance.

3. Robust Security
Though it’s not accurate to say MACs come in-built with better security software, the fact remains that they are less susceptible to attacks. The primary reason is that there are still few MACs in use when compared to Windows,  and hackers are less inclined to develop malware targeting such a minority. Consequently, MAC users face less security threats in comparison to Windows users. This situation is bound to change soon as the number of MAC users is on a steady increase. Regardless, it is still wise to use an efficient anti-virus software, as prevention is better than cure.

4. Premium Build Quality
If there is one thing that MACs are notorious for, it has to be their pricey nature. Their build quality, however, offers a bang for your buck. Though they might not be a sound investment for average users concerned with nothing more than checking their facebook accounts, email, or streaming videos on youtube, they are perfect for people who covet high grade components, flawless performance, refined aesthetics, and being part of an ‘elite’ club of computer users. There is no denying that MACs are one of the most elegant and beautifully designed consumer electronic products there in the market.

5. Retina Screen Display
Though the difference between a retina and an HD screen may or may not be a matter of concern for casual users, for those who seek impeccable clarity and colors, the answer is obvious. Apple’s latest MacBooks and iMacs come with retina screens with “no air gap” and reflective coatings, which make them a safe choice for those who seek super rich visual experience. Moreover, MACs have a more consistent picture quality with their high DPI display, when compared to high-end Windows laptops.

The Bottom Line
Besides the pricing, one of the main reasons most people don’t make the switch from PC to Mac is the investments they have made over the years in PC software and hardware. There are others who are worried about transferring data, learning to use a new OS, or simply think that Windows offers better value for money. To learn more on whether switching from a PC to a MAC would be a wise move for you, or get professional repairs for your Apple computer, talk to one of our computer specialists.

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