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5 Reasons Best Buy Isn’t the Best Choice for Computer Repairs

by | Jan 27, 2020 | Articles, Hardware Support, IT Support, Tips and Advice

When something goes wrong with your computer, there are a few big tech companies you might think of for repairs. One of those companies is Best Buy. For years, people have relied on Best Buy for all their tech needs, but they are not necessarily the best choice. Instead of that tech retail giant, Southlake and Fort Worth residents should turn to Computer CPR for all their repair and IT support needs. Here are 5 reasons Best Buy should not be your first choice for computer repairs.

1. They Are Unfocused

Best Buy has a focus in tech retail, not in tech support and repairs. Because Best Buy is more focused on the retail side of things, they don’t specialize in computer repairs. Instead of fixing your device quickly and affordably, they might try to upsell you on unnecessary services.

2. Their Staff is Not Always Experienced

Since their main goal is to sell you technology, their staff members are more likely to be people who only have retail experience, not technology experience. Simply put, they do not have the knowledge and specialization of a wide variety of tech services. They might not be able to remove tricky malware or recover lost data. If you want your computer worked on by experienced professionals, give Computer CPR a call at (817) 915-0111.

3. They Can’t Always Work In-Store

As stated before, Best Buy’s tech support might be able to help solve simple problems, but when given a truly complex issue, they cannot fix it in-store. Often times, they will ship your device out to a third party to take care of the problem – a third party you do not know. What is the point of bringing your device in for a repair if it’s only going to be outsourced?

4. They Can Have Unnecessary Costs

Best Buy’s lack of extensive knowledge can lead to them jumping to conclusions on what is wrong with your computer. Sometimes a problem is easier to solve than you think, but inexperienced techs might make a bad diagnosis. A Best Buy IT person could be more likely to recommend replacing parts of your computer, even when those parts only need a simple repair. These unnecessary suggestions can lead to big price tags to buy and ship new parts, or even to ship out your computer. Computer CPR’s team knows how to dig deep to find the exact issue that needs fixing – no guessing involved.

5. They Aren’t Always Willing to Help

With a retail giant like Best Buy, they are way more likely to refuse service for questionable reasons. One reason they might not want to service your computer is if it was not purchased through them. Another reason could be because they no longer carry the product you are asking for help with.

Computer CPR: Southlake’s Best Computer Repair Service

No matter how you spin it, a retail company should not be your first choice for computer repairs. There are lots of things Best Buy does well, but computer repairs and support aren’t their primary focus. You want to turn to dedicated tech professionals for the very best service. Computer CPR is staffed by a team of tech experts with years of training and experience. Southlake and Fort Worth residents can call us at (817) 915-0111 or visit our website for more information about how we can help you. Let us diagnose and treat your computer before small problems become big ones!