5 Hard Drive Data Recovery Myths Busted: Here’s What NOT to Do!

Hard drive Data Recovery Service

When a hard drives crashes, people are ready to go to extreme lengths to recover their data. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people can be found searching the web for data recovery tips, many of which often turn out to be pure myths that leave them in the same situation they were in, or worse. In fact, some of these myths surrounding data recovery come to you from friends with good intentions trying to help. In this blog, we discuss some of the myths that have managed to spread like wildfire, for one reason or the other. Let’s begin.

Myth 1: Hit It
This is perhaps the oldest of all quack remedies for damaged hard drives. Many data recovery experts complain that they receive a lot of disks that have been tapped with screwdrivers or other hard objects in an effort to make them work. In rare cases, this tactic may bring temporary relief, but after a while, the drive might be damaged for good. The reason being, the taps usually make the heads scratch the surface of disks, rendering them damaged beyond repair.

Myth 2: Freeze It
You may have come across posts in online forums suggesting that freezing the hard drive rearranges the interiors of the hard drive allowing everything to fall back in place. While this makes sense to a certain extent, lowering the temperature could make the read heads find the rack again (in one out of 100 cases). However, those dishing the advice always conveniently forget to mention that this may also cause the disk’s magnetic surface to degrade completely.

Myth 3: Clean Bathroom Repair
Hard drives can only be opened in a class 100 clean room, that is, rooms where the per cubic foot of air can only be 100 or less dust particles, greater than 0.5 microns in size. Some myth mongers suggest that turning on the bathroom heater for a few minutes and then waiting for the small drops to settle after the heater is turned off, creates an environment that fulfills the class-100 clean room criteria. Opening a hard drive requires a class 100 clean room (under controlled temperature, pressure and humidity) and extremely sophisticated equipment.

Myth 4: Logic Board Replacement
Many people try to revive a dead hard drive by replacing its logic board with a one from a working hard drive. Though this might sound somewhat sensible, it is as big a myth as the ones discussed earlier. There is a possibility that you may be able to recover the hard drive in case the damage is external and the firmware is concentrated in the controller. If the disk is unreadable but is being recognized, take it to a specialized hard drive service center.

Myth 5: Recovery Software
These days, there are countless recovery software available online and off the shelf. In case there is a pure logic problem, data recovery software may work, however, if the hard drive has a physical problem, using data recovery software may only worsen the problem, and even the last chances of recovering the hard drive without opening it may go down the drain. Therefore, to use this feature, it is important that you know when to use it.

Many people who face hard disk troubles often fall victim to such voodoo sciences, and end up causing irreversible damage to their hard drives. In all cases, hard drive issues should be referred to by professionals who have the knowledge and equipment required to handle the job. We hope that after reading this post you will not fall for any of the data recovery DIY myths, and trust professionals whenever you face a data recovery issue. To learn more about hard drive issues and their remedies, feel free to connect with us for a no-obligation free consultation.

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