5 Common Problems in Windows 10 and their Solutions

Windows 10, without a doubt, has proven to be a really better upgrade to its predecessors Windows 8.1, 8 and 7. Despite notable improvements in its interface, certain bugs and issues are being experienced by the users of the new OS. Though not every Windows 10  problem has a concrete solution, unless we receive an update from Microsoft, you can still resolve many of the issues yourself or by seeking professional home computer repair service. In this post, we discuss 5 common problems people face when using Windows 10 and their solutions.

1. Short Battery Life
Battery life is a common problem faced when you migrate to a new OS, although it doesn’t seem to be the case with Windows 10. If you are facing problems with your battery life, you need a firmware or driver fix to optimize the hardware to match the demands of Windows 10. If the battery’s charge level is draining fast, background activity such as updates downloads and installation are to blame. It is advisable to disable automatic download of updates to increase the battery life. You should also disable non-essential background apps. These will slow your computer and internet if left unattended.

disable non-essential background apps

2. Wi-Fi Connectivity
Several Windows 10 users are complaining of Wi-Fi connectivity problems. They state that their Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting and won’t reconnect.  Wi-fi connectivity is a common problem across all versions of Windows, and the solution is also almost same for each one of them—REBOOT. Disabling Wi-Fi sharing also helps make your Wi-Fi connection a bit stable.

3. Chrome Browser
People using Chrome instead of Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 face problems such as slow browser speed, especially when streaming live videos or other heavy tasks. Though Chrome users will have to wait for Google to make some improvements in the browser, deleting cookies, and other extensions on a regular basis can ease the problem. Even then, if things don’t work out, uninstall the browser and reinstall it.

Slow browser speed

4. Default Apps
Another issue with Windows 10 is default file association. Windows 10 automatically removes default associations that were there in previous versions. Though the problem is annoying, there is a quick fix to the rescue: Launch the Settings app from taskbar-> click on System-> choose default apps. You can also right click on a file, choose ‘Open With’ and click on the option which you want to be a default for the affected file type. Tick on the default setting ‘Always uses this app’ as you choose a new program, and then ‘Ok’.

Default Apps

5.Buggy and Broken Software
Though it’s been long since the Microsoft launched a free trial of Windows 10, some applications are still not compatible with this latest version. If you are facing a problems with any of your prefered apps, it is likely that they are not compatible with this new version of Windows. Practising a little patience is the only way to go as you have to wait for the respective developers to release fixes to resolve the issue. You can also check the app’s forums or contact the developer directly for help.
Windows 10 has an inbuilt compatibility option, to check the compatibility of your current app with Windows 10, right-click on the app icon, choose ‘Properties’ and open the ‘Compatibility’ tab.  This tells you whether the program is ok for Windows 10 or built for earlier OS.

Buggy and Broken Software

The Bottom Line
Some problems can be fixed with a DIY approach, but there are many others that require professional assistance. A professional knows exactly what needs to be done in order to fix the problem, which not only saves you time and energy, but ensures that problems are resolved using the right approach. Thanks to our advanced remote computer maintenance and repair services in Fort Worth, you can get a helping hand from our expert computer repair technicians right in your home without having to bring your PC to us.

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