5 Bad Computer Habits That Will Put You on the Naughty List

COLLEYVILLE, TEXAS- December is the time of year to treat family and friends, but don’t forget about the computer in your life! Be sure to give your computer a little love, too, because proper maintenance is key to a long-lasting and well-functioning machine.

We at Computer CPR, a locally owned and trusted source of computer repair in Colleyville, are discussing five bad computer habits that will put you on our naughty list this season.

  1. Battery Abuse. Leaving your laptop’s battery charged is counterproductive – it will actually shorten the battery’s life span. Connect the computer to a power source only when necessary, and charge it to about 90 percent.
  2. File Hoarding. Want to store years of files? Get a filing cabinet. Unless you’ve purchased an external hard drive or installed additional storage in your computer, discard old files and programs. This will lessen the likelihood of a hard drive crash and the ensuing panic.
  3. Update Neglects. There’s a reason why those pesky software update notifications won’t go away. Installing updates is necessary to a healthy computer. Perks of keeping your computer up-to-date include added virus protection and improved operating speeds.
  4. Backup Failure. No matter the brand, computers are not invincible. Hard drive hiccups and data loss happens. Back up important documents using a cloud-based storage system, an external hard drive or by simply making paper copies.
  5. Computer Carelessness. Nothing ruins a pricey computer like a clumsy spill of water. Acknowledge your computer’s fragility by keeping liquids and greasy foods away. Also, store it in a clean area and dust it on occasion. This will ensure no wandering pet hairs and dirt make their way inside the computer.

Following these tips will guarantee you a spot on our nice list this season. If you do stumble upon computer woes, don’t let it ruin your Christmas spirit. Give us a call – we supply PC and Mac repair, network administration and computer service in the Keller, Colleyville, Southlake and Grapevine areas. Happy holidays from the Computer CPR team!

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