4 Key Features Expect from Your Data Recovery Service Provider

Data usage is a key element of our day to day life where various tools or devices such as memory sticks, external hard drives, and disk drives are used to store data on desktops or laptops. Users often need to enhance the existing storage limit to accommodate more data. People store a variety of data ranging from official documents, music to images on the gadgets. There are services such as Google Drive and Dropbox that offer free storage, but that may not be enough in the long run.

Backup and Recovery Mechanism
Data backup saves us from any unseen data losses during data outage scenarios. A recent quote in Seagate report reveals that approximately 140,000 hard disks fail every week accounting for data loss of 25 percent PC users. An expert technical support provider can even restore data in the cases SATA Drive crashes. The following are the key services that an expert tech support firm is expected to provide:

1. One-click Install Backup Tool
Your tech support or PC repair professionals should provide a single-click backup tool on your computer that automatically backs up every file changes on a central storage location. Make sure that the cloud storage has a robust data security system in place. They should also provide you necessary training to administer the tool if required.

2. Quick Restores
Your tech support provider should be able to restore files that get accidentally deleted. Though, restoration may take time depending on the file size, but you will get the assurance that you will get all data back at the end of the process. It shouldn’t be a partial restore with essential files being skipped as 96 percent of business devices aren’t backed up.

3. Data Recovery in failed HDDs
In a failed or damaged hard drive, there is a huge risk of data leakage and misuse. There are instances when the drive is completely dead and won’t even spin up. Your IT consultant should be able to find which components have failed, and what symptoms each failure may exhibit, and accordingly have a mechanism to mitigate this possibility.

4. Email Recovery
Computer users often require old email data for validation and other purposes. Most technical support providers don’t provide backup services for email. If you end up deleting your archived file, your data recovery provider should be able to retrieve it.

Computer users in the US face persistent issues about their data backup and recovery, but unable to find a reliable solution. Traditional PC repair solutions focus either computer repairs or new installations. There is a dearth of computer support providers that keep a check on data backup and recovery methods. If you urgently need data recovery or tech support in Fort Worth, or any other city, give us a call at 817-756-2241.

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