10 Computer Accessories you Need for 2017

You’ve heard of accessorizing your phone, your car, and your outfit – but what about your computer?

Today, computer accessories are some of the most in-demand tech items out there and choosing the right ones can make your PC more functional, easier to use, and more customized.

Here’s your complete guide to the top computer accessories you need this year.

10 Computer Accessories to Buy in 2017

Whether you work remotely, and your computer is your office, or you use your computer for shopping, bill paying, and leisure, these ten accessories are must-haves:

1. A Flash Drive

Flash drives are the perfect on-the-go storage and transfer tool. The size of a thumb, you simply plug it into your computer’s USB ports and use it to hold pictures, songs, and documents. Ideal for transferring files from computer to computer, printing photos, and sharing documents, a flash drive is an oldie but a goodie in the world of tech accessories.

2. A USB Hub With Card Readers

Charge your phone, use your tech, and read your SD cards all at once. USB hubs are an excellent way to free up your computer’s ports and make it possible to do more with your system.

3. A Mouse

If you use a laptop, a Bluetooth mouse is a simple yet welcome accessory. Ideal for making your laptop feel and function more like a PC, a mouse can help you get more done in less time.

4. A Wireless Keyboard

Use a tablet on a regular basis? Pick up a Bluetooth keyboard. Modern models are small, lightweight, thin, and versatile enough to pair with any device.

5. A Hard Shell Case

Protect your laptop from drops, dings, and dents with a sturdy hard-shell case. Crafted from firm yet flexible plastic in a variety of colors and patterns, these cases clip onto your computer’s frame and stay secure for months. Some packages, available on sites like Amazon, also include keyboard and screen protectors.

6. A Laptop Stand

Reduce neck strain and make working on your laptop more ergonomic with a laptop stand. Designed to raise your computer to eye level and make working on it feel more like working on a desktop computer, laptop stands are favorites among people who code, design, or write for a living, and use their computers many hours a day as a result.

7. A Wireless Speaker

Even the best modern computers are still lacking when it comes to sound quality. Give yours a boost by picking up a wireless speaker. Small enough to sit on your desk, take on a picnic, or use in your home, wireless speakers provide outstanding sound quality without taking up valuable space.

8. Quality Earbuds

Earbuds are a common accessory today. While they come with virtually every smartphone on the market, people who routinely listen to music on their computers can benefit from investing in a high-quality set of earbuds that will work for years to come.

9. A Zippable Case

If you use a laptop or tablet, invest in a zippable case to keep it clean and protected as you travel. Ideal for keeping dust, dirt, and debris out of your computer’s ports, a zippable case is the go-to for people who travel frequently. Not only will you decrease your risk of needing computer repair in Fort Worth, but you’ll also keep your computer cleaner and in better shape.

10. A Keyboard Cover

Keep your keyboard clean and grime-free with a low-profile silicone cover. Available in a wide assortment of colors and sizes, keyboard covers help keep one of your laptop’s most vulnerable areas beautiful for longer. What’s more, some of them come with Photoshop shortcuts printed on the keys.

Tech Accessories for the Modern Day

Today, we use our computers more frequently and more intensely than ever before. Take yours to the next level with these handy accessories.

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